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Uniform Rules and Examples

Kindergarten - 4th grade students are required to wear uniforms.

  • All shirts should be white

  • All bottoms (pants, skirts, skorts, jumpers, etc.) should be navy blue

  • All clothing items should be solid in color with no patterns or logos larger than 2 inches square

  • Students should wear comfortable, closed toed, closed heeled shoes with velcro or laces

  • No flip flops or slides

  • Students will be going outside for recess, so please send your child to school with a hooded jacket or coat

  • Outside wear will not be worn in the classroom

  • Girls may wear navy or white leggings under their dress, skirt, jumper, or skort

  • Leggings may not be worn as pants

  • For PE, students should wear RCA PE shirts and sweatshirts (Ridge Wear will be available for purchase), navy blue sweatpants, and athletic shoes and socks

The following pictures are examples of what a student might wear while in uniform. Brands include, but are not limited to Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, and French Toast. These brands and more can be found in many brick and mortar stores as well as online shops such as Amazon.

boys navy shorts.png
boys navy pants.png
white button shirt.png
navy sweater vest.jpg
french toast girls navy skirt.jpg
french toast girls jumper navy.jpg
white polo.png
navy sweater.png
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