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Bible:  Purposeful Design

Social Studies:  Thematic Units

Math:  Bridges in Mathematics

Handwriting:  A Reason for Handwriting

Reading and Language Arts:  Abeka

Social & Emotional Learning

Throughout the Kindergarten year, teachers and all Ridge Christian Academy staff will both model and train students in healthy social and emotional behaviors. Our Christian values include showing respect and compassion for others, using good manners in all interactions, listening attentively, and following instructions. The ultimate goal is that students will form a strong bond with trusted adults and peers and know that they can always ask for help and will be supported.


One of the most exciting developments in the Kindergarten year is the acquisition and development of early reading skills. Ridge students will be immersed in phonetic instruction, providing skills that will allow them to decode increasingly complex words.  Our goal is that students will be able to both read and comprehend grade level text fluently and accurately.


Written and spoken communications are essential elements of a strong curriculum. We teach handwriting skills for letter formation and capitalize on our strong phonics instruction to help children begin to spell. Opportunities for public speaking abound in the Kindergarten classroom, beginning with age-appropriate activities such as Bible verse memorization and Show & Tell.


Science has never been more exciting!  At Ridge Christian Academy, we have a dedicated STEM instructor who will encourage children to ask questions and apply the scientific method to experiment, investigate, make observations, and draw conclusions about the world God has created.


Our goal in mathematics is to give the students a solid foundation in numeracy skills while expanding their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Our students will be taught to recognize and write numbers to 100, compare and order whole numbers 0-20, and find sums and differences between numbers 0-10. Kindergarten learning goals also include the ability to recognize two and three dimensional shapes, sort objects by attributes and demonstrate concepts of measurement.

Physical Education

Kindergarten P.E. builds a foundation for healthy activity. Students develop confidence and skills in collaboration, communication, and critical thinking while moving through physical games and challenges. We strive to create a nurturing environment of positive values and attitudes that students can apply both inside and outside the classroom.


Art is another exciting way for Kindergarten students to express themselves. We expose our students to a variety of materials to develop their fine motor skills while learning about great artists and emulating their unique techniques. Kindergarten art lessons are a time of creativity, self-expression and joy!


Music is a joyful form of self expression.  At Ridge Christian Academy, children come together to sing worship songs daily in Assembly. We also have a music teacher on staff to provide weekly in-class experiences in music, rhythm, and simple instruments, ensuring every child receives the exceptional developmental benefits of regular musical instruction.

Spiritual Growth

Our faith is at the very core of who we are at Ridge Christian Academy. We will share Jesus and notice signs of our Creator in every subject we teach. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God. We will teach your child that Jesus is the risen Son of God who gave His life to save us. You can expect your child to retell Bible stories at home, perhaps express a desire to pray with you, and possibly to ask Jesus into their heart.

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